Weekend shenanigans...

We had a crazy busy week and weekend per usual. Friday auntie Hannah watched the littles while I worked and sent me adorable photos as usual. Saturday...Isabella had ballet and then got to round on a few patients with me. She was super excited but didn't understand why she couldn't go in the rooms with me. We then headed to Cupcakes for a Cause to support Dr. Hobar and his Leap Global Missions Foundation.  Their goal is to Give Hope through surgical missions. I can't wait to go on a trip. We then decided to break in the pool and spent the whole day in the pool. Sunday we got to celebrate my sweet Papaw's birthday with some fun family time. 
Two girls just resisting naptime

Love these two kiddos

Twins!! They even giggle the same!

Poor Cayson and Hannah...he got his first bloody nose and busted frenulum. 

Helping daddy with his garden. We've He's worked so hard, its doing amazing;)

Planting Isabella some strawberries

He loves to sleep with a blanket over his face and it freaks me out:(

My Tiny Dancer

Posing with Mickey at mommy's work
She picked out all the cupcakes and carried around a reindeer all day;)

Breaking in the pool and checking out the helicopters

Two swim dates in one day

Mommy will never say no to a picnic request for lunch with a princess and prince

When they will entertain themselves so you can monogram a shirt...winning!


Sweet cousins

Insert sad face, tear face, Monday blues face!

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