Babies, besties and Beauty and the Beast

Two biggies this past week: Cayson had to be converted to a toddler bed, thanks to his new found skill of ninjaing his way out of his crib, and Isabella and I had an adorable date night with Grey and my bestie Jaimee to see Beauty and the Beast. We had a blast seeing Beauty and the Beast at Winspear. The girls were SO adorable.  And since Cayson was born sleep has evaded us, I swear he is out to challenge my already incredible ability to function on zero sleep, so its obviously fitting that he decided to climb out of his crib at 22 months and fight sleep likes its his job!
Toddler bed-The ONLY option at this point.

The adorable stages of sneaking out of his room his first night after he's "falling asleep"

We made it. 1/2 in, 1/2 out-this counts….

Got a book read to her by Gloria Campos

These two were too cute for words!

We are officially having more date nights! Loved this time with my sweet girl

We have dreamed of these days since we were singing DC talk in the hallways of high school

They wanted to pose with the mannequins

Surviving Buy buy baby barely

I am thankful for sweet times and sweet memories even if I might never sleep again!

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