Life lately...

Rain, rain finally went away. The rain was unstoppable this week in Texas. Flooding everywhere, people forget how to drive, and for the love this girl NEEDS sunshine! We all sang a new song Saturday when the sun surprised us with a visit, but now this week hello 100 degrees already!?
Rainy day fun with their auntie Hannah:) 

Daddy needed a pic so we sent him this before heading out to Rockwall for a fun playdate

Isabella "wrote" her name! Love it! She LOVES her friend Grey!

Isabella told me, "We could take this baby home and bring her back later." I had to explain to her that her mommy would miss her too much for that! Oh sweet girl, she loves babies.
And of course Cayson needed to hold a baby like sissy. Love these sweet friends. 

Family time celebrating Kevin's birthday!

Double fisting dessert

This girl and ALL her sass! 

Hello Sunshine! We spent entirely too much time in the pool!

She's obsessed with Dixie...she walks her around on her leash all day

Rest time while bubby naps...what could be better!

This sweet cheeks! I could kiss him all day

When your daddy is a rockstar chef you get a fancy burger with bacon on it!

This is what summer and family is made for

The hubs can cook...this was his and Sasha's burgers!

Giving me a pedicure!! I love this girl!

 This boy is bananas for bananas!
Headed to Mamaw's house....

And we get a date night!! Kiddos are staying at Mamaw/Gigi's house for 2 nights and Dennis and I are home alone for only the 2nd time in 3.5 years! So crazy!! Kids were so excited and going to have a blast!

First Sushi in who knows how long! Delish!

Looking forward to a nice, sunny week!

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