Life lately...

So many pictures…so many memories…so little time to document!
Enjoying one of our first childless nights at home with a date night on the patio

"Mommy, I need a sweater, I'm hot?" Umm…okay #irrationaltoddler

Helping pick tomatoes out of the garden…he took a big bite and said "mmmm"

So proud of the hubs and the delish veggies he's worked hard to get our fan

Best table side guac ever and some of the best company

Girl's dinner with these favorites

Zoo fun…feeding the giraffes

They are SO adorable when they get along
Attempting to get just one picture….Peyton was MIA

Noelle's recital..Isabella was so excited
He was adorable but couldn't quite get the quiet memo ha!

Loving the Sci fi museum for Wyatt's birthday



Adorable crew at Laci's party

 Natural gymnast;)

This boy and cake
Recital picture time

Silly best buds

Sunshine and rain….joy and pain!! Such is life right.

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