Pool favorites

We embarked on a huge overtaking this past fall. We added a patio area and pool to our backyard. We bought the home with the intention of doing this and we finally did it. We laugh and say it was the dumbest/best decision we ever made. It was incredibly expensive but worth every penny. We literally enjoy our outdoor space every single day.

Safety first: My husband and I both have a huge fear of kids drowning so discussed our plans to prevent this before water ever went into our pool. This is HUGE for us, water safety is so important. Trust me I have seen the bad outcomes and scary situations surrounding pools and NO family should ever have to experience that. Because of our pavers we decided to do a net option. They have a black, blue or tan option. We chose tan because it kind of camouflages better. We absolutely love it. Here is our company we used....the net is super easy to put on, not painless, but you get faster and it gets easier every time. We have several friends with the gate option which I also love, it just didn't work for our space. We also installed a back door safety lock-so cheap, easy and gives me another safe guard and peace of mind. I don't think you can ever be too safe with a pool.

On to the fun stuff:
Swan float- I mean isn't this swan float amazing!! So adorable. My mother in law bought it for us and it has been a huge hit. We, I mean the kids love it;) I'm also adoring this PopsicleUnicorn and Pineapple float. Target has a ton of fun floats right now as well and Isabella wanted every one of them, ha! She asked for the donut float for her birthday:)

Lights-I have a slight obsession with patio lights. It was one of the first things we hung once our patio addition was done. I am in love. I could see us putting up tons more in our future.

Puddle jumper-I mean why didn't I invent these. Genius...if only I had I'd be retired and sipping a drink on the beach all day. I can let the kiddos swim stress free with these on. Isabella can actually swim but this gives me peace of mind when we are having a party or wanting to relax. Cayson CANNOT swim though he believes he is an Olympic swimmer, sigh! Hence why the first thing we purchased after water went in the pool was a safety net.

Drink floats-these drink floats are adorable. I posted about these adorable flamingo and swan drink floats we bought yesterday. I mean who doesn't love a float to hold their drink while they swim. The kiddos also love playing with them and putting their own milk or juice in them.

Wine glasses-As most know I am NOT a BPA fan and when I found these I knew they were perfect. Silicone wine glasses-yes please! Shatterproof, no BPA-sold!

Pool noodle-The hubs picked up several of these pool noodles at Costco and they are marvelous! So well made and you can easily sit on them and float! The kids love them too!

 Sunscreen-We have a whole container of sunscreen and this is by far my favorite for the kiddos.
I'm all about organization...love this galvanized container I found in the Target dollar spot

Proof the net is amazing:) He loves to climb on it and play in the water 
Net rolled up

I got tired of the small pool toys everywhere so decided to get it organized. Ikea storage cart here

Hello June, Hello Summer, Hello pool time!

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