Life lately...

This week was about a lot of sunshine and swimming! Our sweet kiddos have been getting along better and better lately and it makes my momma heart smile!
Being adorable

Post office run and dinner date with these two adorable kiddos while daddy worked

My incredible helpers

Splashing…his favorite

Helping put brother nigh night

Friday night splash  time and dinner fun with friends

Sass completely brought to you unprompted

This kid loved this!

Saturday I helped one of my sweet besties Ashley…her blog here for her adoption garage sale! These adorable kiddos were experts at sales

Then we headed to sweet Caroline's adorable birthday party

This kid LOVES sweets…just like his momma

The kiddos were so adorable

The precious birthday girl!
Our small family;)

This girl is a car sleeping expert

Cayson's popsicle party planning is in full swing! How is he almost 2!

Sunday we had a fun play date with some of the best…Cade is SO cute!

And thats a wrap:)

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