Life lately...

Life lately...our week was rather relaxed...we did the usual Target run, car wash, laundry, dry clean errands, and pool play date.
Intently watching Jungle book

This boy loves the car wash..there is nothing sweeter than watching little ones discover the world around them and watch in awe. 
This girl refuses to nap but loves quiet time with mommy and on rare occasion falls asleep. I love this one on one time with this sweet thing!

Cousin electronic party for the win;)

teaching brother the important things in life-like how to pee in the yard

The cutest little neighborhood pool fun with friends

Saturday...started out perfectly with brunch at our favorite, Whisky Cake of course, with some friends.

Pedicures with mommy while brother naps!

These two:)

They all lack personality obviously;)

I think they handled the 45 minute wait better than the parents;)

Sunday..we decided to brave the movies with our 2 little munckins. We chose the Studio Movie Grill so we had food to distract Cayson and it worked like a charm. He did great until he got a little antsy the last 30 minutes or so. 
Finding Dori-Cayson's first movie

Potty break..."Mommy, I do it by by myself"...this girl is too much!

She was SO cute and so excited.

Then we headed home for naps and a swim of course:)

Best little view....when they play well together it is honestly the best thing ever!


That's a wrap, what have you been up to lately. 

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