1st day of school-2016

babies don't keep, isn't that what they say!? My sweet babies started school this week and my momma heart is still trying to adjust. They are both only going Tuesday and Thursday but still. Sending off my sweet Cayson felt like robbery. He is still little but it will be so good for him. Rules and routine not only given by momma will do his little self some good. Isabella has been SO excited and LOVES school. She could not wait. The emotions and exhaustion that occurred after the 1st day was rough but I know she will adjust. She said she loved school and couldn't wait to go back. Cayson cried at drop off but was then happy as can be when I peaked in a few minutes later.

Isabella picked out her whole new outfit when we went shopping:)

I'm a sucker for monograms:)

Sweet boy was OUT at pick up

After school treats!

SO serious!

Happy back to school mommas.

I am actually going to get a few Thursdays without kiddos, I'm not sure what I will do with myself. 

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