Cayson 24 months

I'm not sure where I got so behind on these posts. I never intended to just quit them but life happened and I am behind. My goal at this point is at least to do one twice a year since this is basically my journal these days.

Sweet Cayson I am still in awe and shock that you are 2 whole years old. Where in the world did time go? I feel like I was just carrying you around in the Ergo while you slept the days (and not nights;)) away! Sweet boy while I was pregnant with you every momma said "Oh just wait, boys are the best they really love their mommas." You have lived up to this repeated statement 100 fold. You are a momma's boy through and through. You prefer momma, get angry with me when I get home from work-like, how dare you leave me, are the best cuddler and are just flat adorable. 

You have challenged us for sure, from your lack of sleeping abilities, to your ninja moves and your crazy climbing/exploring tendencies but such is life with boys. You decided to learn to ninja your way out of your crib a couple months ago and after attempting to rig your bed on the floor you still managed to climb out so we transitioned you to a toddler bed. It has been a rough transition. You will scream and chase me to the door when I leave. This breaks my heart but once you are asleep, you sleep well. This has made naps and bedtime quite the show that can take upwards of 1.5 hours. Every day gets better though. Your tantrums have lessened and as long as sissy plays fair all is well in the McDonald household. 

You had a big developmental storm 2 months ago where we didn't sleep for weeks and woke up suddenly talking like a true toddler. You have SO many words now and will repeat basically everything. My favorite is when you say, "Wash, momma," to make sure you have my attention for some crazy Houdini move you are going to attempt.  Your sissy is obsessed with "Shopkins" and the way you say "Shaw-kins" might make my heart palpitate. Your toddler voice/words is SO sweet. I love, love this stage of language development. 

You are still an eating machine and will pretty much eat anything I give you. You love fruit, turkey, sausage, most veggies and "boo-berries." You still love to ask for "Baws"-chocolate kid organic Kind bars, they taste basically like candy bars so I can't blame you. You drink milk but don't just chug it, you like water, juice etc. You like sweets far more than your sissy. You will see a "ceekie" or "tweat" and ask for them until you are blue in the face.  

Oh sleep…Sweet Cayson I thought we would never sleep and then once we slept you decided to learn climb out of your crib and we are desperate for sleep all over again. Once you are asleep you usually sleep well it has really just been the getting you to sleep part that has been rough the last few months. Our routine is the same-brush teeth, floss, books, prayers, songs, tickle your back and you do all this well but as soon as I say "nigh, night" to leave you scream, cry and chase me to the door. Thankfully you have not discovered how to open the door but this still breaks my heart. Some nights are harder than others but they always consist of us telling you back to bed over the monitor, returning to your room to rub your back, or sometimes spankings (usually from daddy-and I go outside to "water the flowers"). Pray this is short lived and  you transition fast. 

You still like Minnie Mouse Clubhouse but you have become OBSESSED over the last month with mommy's phone and the iPad. You love to play games, watch YouTube Kids videos-so weird to me but apparently this is SO common. I never thought I would be okay with iPad time but I have watched you learn shapes, letters, and colors thanks to these games so I won't complain. You are getting your own iPad for your bday so I can't wait to get my phone back;) 

Potty training:
It's happening before my eyes and I'm not even ready for it. You started peeing on the floor or in the bath on purpose over the last several months but I brushed it off, told you know yada yada yada. But then over the last few weeks I'm realizing I'm thinking you are almost ready. You have peed and pooped on the potty on occasion. You will tell me eww when you need to poop and will want your diaper changed immediately after you pee so I'm thinking this is happening whether I like it or not. 

Weight:  23 lbs 13 oz (14%ile)
Length: 35.5 in (77%ile)
Head:18.5 on (17%ile)

Diapers: Size 5
Sleep: sleeping usually 10-12 hours with occasionally nightmare, nap 1-3
Clothes size: 18-24 months, 2T
Shoe size: 6-7

New words: watch, "pease," "sowwy," eww, "cackers," "shawkins," "ceekie," brush, eyes, nose

1st: road trip, airplane ride, beach trip, Sea World trip

Teeth: 14 (you are acting like your 2 year molars are coming through any day)

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