Friday Favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Family, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

ONE. My little Pete and Repeat. I posted this on social media yesterday and I'm still in shock. We are in the complete copy mode right now, Cayson wants to copy and do 100% of everything big sissy does.

Y'all my kids went upstairs to play and are playing nicely BY THEMSELVES! For those that know my stage 5 clingers this is a miracle!!! They may have asked me 5 times already when I was coming upstairs but I'll take it! I actually finished unloading the dishwasher!
Love my little Pete and repeat!!!

TWO. OMG this Table and Chairs from Target, the moment I saw them I just couldn't. I love the plain white chairs but also love the green. I'm in great debate, we currently have a table and chairs set that stays in our living room that is well loved on a daily basis and we may just need this little updated version. I am seriously obsessed with everything Pillowfort has created for Target. Seriously love it all, the adorable stuffed animal head wall decor is adorable especially this unicorn. 

THREE. I have a slight love obsession with Anthropologie and they are currently having 25% off their Anthropologie sale items!! Run…..I've rounded up a few of my faves.

I have the hubs in charge of building me a new kitchen table and I am loving these chairs! 

FOUR. The Olympics obviously!! I mean I heart them! I always have been a huge fan of the gymnastics and still am. I am also loving all the sports more this year than in the past! Team USA. And team USA Women's Gymnastics has been incredible this year! 

These girls..the team gets more impressive every year and how fun that Madison trains in Frisco where we live:)

That's a wrap, happy Friday!

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  1. We have the green chairs bc they're mint green, ya know!? They're actually rather comfy too!