Happy 2 years Cayson!

Oh my sweet Cayson! I just love and adore you! You have challenged me but most definitely blessed me far more than I could ever have imagined. You are a momma's boy through and through and I absolutely adore it! 

Your adorable little grin, most contagious giggle, cuddles, and your precious toddler voice swells this momma heart! I never knew I could love someone so much. 

You are 100% boy!
You love to climb, push the limits, you play hard and you love hard!
You are my cuddle monster. You would love to be held all day if I let you!

You absolutely adore your sissy. You want to do EVERY thing she does. When ya'll play well together it is my favorite thing!

These popsicle pictures show you perfectly-curious, love you some sweets and you can see how much you love and adore your sissy in these pictures. Your grin and giggle face in these pictures fit you perfectly. You have strong emotions-happy or sad, I tell people you don't have an in between. 

I pray now for protection of your heart, that you grow to be a strong Christian man and that the Lord stirs your heart for him.

Cayson William, we love you far more than you could imagine.

Happiest 2nd birthday!!

Cayson, how are you 2 already!
Happy Birthday!

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  1. He looks so much like Holt in these pictures! Happy birthday most handsome boy!