Isabella 3 yrs + 9 months

Once again, I am SO goal is to continue to do these at least twice a year since this is my journal/baby book after all:)

You are becoming less and less a toddler and more of a little girl. You can chat my ear off and love to give me a play by play of your days when I'm not there. You have become quite the little mommy to your brother and I adore it. You will hold his hand and say, "Come on Cayson, I'll show you." If he wants something and I won't give it to him you yell at me to give it to him ha!! You are really taking on the role as big sissy and its precious.

You have this unexplainable joy and zest for life. I pray you never lose it. You have the most precious excited face and giggle. You have learned to really appreciate mom and dad and thank us often. You are doing so well with your manors and say please and thank you unprompted. You still have your meltdown moments but they are becoming fewer and farther between, they usually occur when you are overtired. 

You are a decent eater for a toddler I guess. You have the usually picky tendencies and will love something one day and hate it the next but you doing pretty good. You typically eat 2 really good meals a day and nibble one. You love to snack and are still a lover of dark chocolates. All day, every day!

You are OBSESSED with babies! You may or may not have try to pick them up by yourself. You love to rub their faces and hold them at every opportunity. You have told me when mad at your brother, "It's okay bubby is grumpy, we can just get rid of him and get a new one, I want a new one with itty tiny toes. Oh ya, like baby Scarlett" Every thing is itty tiny- I love how you say it.

You LOVE to "teach to swim," which means swimming without your puddle jumper on and you have seriously become quite the fish! You are suddenly an incredible swimmer, once you started wearing goggles I think it all clicked! We talk about pool safety ALL the time and what to do if you fell in etc. 

Your other favorite things to do are to paint, color, and play dress up. We play dress up and dance party at least once a day. As soon as we get home from anywhere you change immediately into a dress up dress or your Elsa dress PJs. 

You are still a wonderful sleeper. You have moved passed the crazy bedtime procrastination but will often ask me to make "this many" more silly faces, holding up both hands. I make silly faces and you giggle like crazy. It's our funny bedtime ritual and I love it. You have officially dropped naps but love to have quiet time with mom. It usually consists of you getting iPad time while I shower, blog, clean etc. 

We still have our usual bedtime routine brush teeth, floss, read a book and sing songs. Every night I ask you what you want to pray for it 9 out of 10 times it includes, "me, deweck.....and usually rosary, gwey and several other friends." The other night you told me you were going to kiss and marry Derek. We are in trouble;) 


"Cayson stop being rude, you are not my best friend any-more" her annunciation of anymore is my favorite!

"For my birfday I want ummmm more Barbie dolls, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Belle outfits and prince outfits for Cayson for when he's big! Cayson also needs more Minnie mouses"

You pluralize everything with -ses and its amazing-phoneses, cupses, mouses, mineses. It's perfection!

On Isabella's last day of school- "So I won't go to school anymore. Mrs. Cobos is going to miss me, she loves me"
"Jesus made those pink clouds for Ella"

Isabella put a bandaid on my mom's boo boo so she asked if Isabella wanted to be a nurse like mommy and daddy and she said, "Umm no, I want to be a princess that helps people." Well okay:)

This photo shoot like your brother depicts you perfectly. The adorable unprompted poses, the giggles, the sass are SO you sweet Isabella!

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