Life lately....

Goodness life is moving faster than I can keep up lately. My head is usually hitting my pillow by 8:30 most nights, hence my lack of blogging! I'm just faking it until I make it, jk sort of;)

Go light the world! Shirts for our sweet Ri

Bike ride and park fun on a crazy hot day!

And home for a swim! Poses brought to you by Cayson and Isabella:)

Ready for school!

They were SO cute walking in to heart could barely handle it! She grabbed his hand and they walked in hand in hand! Be still my heart!
Friday night we celebrated this sweet momma...her baby girl will be coming home from China in less than a month!!! can't wait to meet little Ri!!
Love these girls and all they mean to me!
This girl cracks me up...headed to Jax's farm birthday party Saturday!!

Feeding all the animals
She LOVED the baby pigs

Saturday night we celebrated the hubs and Sasha's birthdays with the fam and our littlest sis surprised us with this!!
Can't wait to stand by her side in June!

This kid is SO funny!

Love these little cousins!

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