Living life in the moment...

I'm a scheduler and a planner....but since having kids I've become more of a on a whim and spur of the moment kind of gal. I'm finding some freedom in that. This week we decided to on a 7 am whim take the kiddos to the State Fair and we had an absolute blast. PS. opening is the BEST time to go, cooler weather, smaller crowds and we were out by noon!

A few pic from our week and our trip to the State Fair:)
Dad's and donuts, sans dad:( He had to work but momma did just fine;)

Camo day for Dad's and donuts

These two got to see Stork with their Mamaw and she said they did great. She said Isabella giggled through the whole thing and she has already requested watching it again!

We decided on a whim to check out the Frisco Rail Yard for dinner Friday night. It was SO fun, too packed for us, we will try making it earlier next time but beautiful weather! The kids loved it!

Dinner Saturday night after family photos! This crew....I'm so blessed

Big Tex before the crowds hit!

She loves to see how big she is getting:)

Love them!

This sweets loving boy was in heaven when daddy bought this...Isabella is not a fan..all she wanted was nacho cheese Doritos. Insert eye roll. All the yummy Fair food and that is what she cried and threw a tantrum for!

Day made for these two! They ONLY get these for special treats aka usually parties. I despise them, so unhealthy and SO messy haha!

This joy is why we do things on a whim!

Fried Nacho crazy it tasted just like nachos

Fried oreos-the only fancy thing I tried!

And no day is complete at the fair without a Fletcher's corn dog!


I encourage you as I have myself....Live life a little more in the doesn't have to always be perfect and go just as planned but some of my favorite moments are those we have made on a whim!

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  1. One day we'all be able to do things on a whim again!! Why does Isabella look ten!?