Isabella-4 years old

Oh my sweet Isabella, how in the world are you possibly 4? I am in disbelief! You have completely changed and blessed our world more than you will ever know. The day you made me a mom will forever be one of my most favorite, blessed days of my life! You continue to bless me daily. Getting to see the world through your little eyes is incredible. We celebrated your 4th birthday party at American Girl Doll and it might be one of the cutest things I've ever seen-pictures to come soon!

You are the sweet, sassiest, and most sensitive girl ever. When I look at you I see me, our little personalities are SO similar. You LOVE big and you feel all things big! You have so many feelings and you don't always know how to express them. You are always so thankful and adorable. You beam and get so excited anytime you get a gift, it is priceless. School days you come home and are far more emotional and moody and Mimi and I think you are just like mommy-you work so hard all day to keep it together that you come home exhausted. You are a people pleaser and my little rule follower. You will so proudly say, "Mommy, I'm listening" when your brother clearly is not, ha! I pray you use this to your benefit and that the Lord protects your sensitive heart-being sensitive and a people pleaser is tough-just ask your momma;)
You have the best, most impeccable memory. You do not forget a thing or miss a beat. If I forget a step in our bedtime routine you will giggle and tell me what I forgot:) I wish I had half your memory or energy!

You are a pretty good little eater. You have your foods that you hate and the ones you love. You don't eat huge meals, you are more of a snacker like your momma. You love, love dark chocolate. Really anything chocolate for that matter:) Don't blame you girl, momma does too!

You are still OBSESSED with babies! You have been asking for a baby for over a year and guess what the Lord has blessed us and you with a sister. When you would ask for one we would tell you that God was in control and we would have to see.  The other day you said, "God, gave us a baby!!" It was single handedly the sweetest thing out of your mother ever, insert big momma crocodile tears. Yes he did sweet girl, yes he did and a sister at that:) You are the sweetest big sister and I cannot wait for you to have a sister of your own! When we told you there was a baby in mommy's tummy you asked if there were two, one for you and one for brother of course! You weren't totally excited about only one but insisted it had to be a girl:) You watch out for your brother and are such a cute mommy to him. If he gets in trouble or cries to be held you will insist I go pick him up. You cannot stand to watch your brother cry or hurt! Sweet girl! 

You love to play dress up and play Cinderella. You will have us act out the evil step sisters, Cinderella and the prince. It is SO adorable. The prince and princess have to slow dance and kiss! Be still my heart! You also like to play teacher and tell us what we should be doing-hello there, just like your mom again;)
You request nightly dance parties and crack yourself up with your booty shake! You still love to color, we color or paint every single day! You are loving gymnastics and it is so fun to watch. 

You had a strange sleep interruption the last 6 months. It started with just early rising between 5-6 am and slowly crept to middle of the night wakings. You would come in our room and say, "mommy I'm awake." SO cute but no sweet girl not at 2 am:) So we got a wake up clock and it was a game changer. This is where you being a rule follower is perfect. You do not get out of bed and come to our room until it is green:) You have officially dropped any sort of nap but I adore our one on one quiet time. You will even play quietly and let my take a cat nap!

 (I didn't write these down as well this time:()

"I like Popi, he is the best"

"When I get big, I want to marry Cayson"

"God gave us a baby!"

Height: 39 inches (34%ile)
Weight: 31 lbs (17%ile)
BMI: 14.3 (18%ile)
BP 104/69
Pulse: 85
Shots: Dtap, IPV, Flu, MMR, Varicella
Eyes and hearing-perfect!!

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