It's a....

When we first found out we were pregnant there was a brief moment of thinking maybe we would make the gender a surprise until delivery day, brief for me at least. I think the hubs could have waited, though my OB called his bluff and said he'd need to know in a few months;) I debated it but just like my other two there is something in my heart and spirit that just needs to know. Yes, I am a planner and there's the nursery, monogrammed things, and naming to do but for me it is deeper than that. There is this immediate bonding that occurs as soon as I know. I love getting to pray specifically already for this baby and I LOVE getting to begin calling them by name! It's what my heart and my soul needed. I have a really good friend who waited to find out on her third, who also had a boy and a girl, who said she wished she had found out. She said the day was fun but she realized she didn't bond as well during the pregnancy and the day of delivery she thought well man I wish I had known for 9 months-so from there I was confident I needed to know! And it's true I feel like I am truly bonding and loving calling this sweet baby by name:) We are all different and I adore and appreciate everyone's ideas and plans and am impressed with my sweet friends who can wait but since I can' you go! It's a....

I think you can tell by my face I was a little be honest I would have been shocked if it wasn't a girl! I had a dream over a year ago that a little baby girl joined our family and I have had similar dreams all pregnancies so I was pretty convinced!

And sweet Dennis was crying happy was adorable!

Isabella was SO excited...she would have been so disappointed in her 3 year old mind if it wasn't a sister....she knew it was a sister and has already named her Bella;) 

Boys unite;)

How he feels about being outnumbered;)
He is enough boy for all of us:)

I adore this boy! My sweet Cayson William!
Who runs the world....girls!!!!!
Sweet big sister is SO excited!!

Our sweet baby girl due May 2, 2017!

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