Life lately...

Life has been fun and busy, busy, busy as usual. I'm dreaming of a week off of work where I can stay home and organize and get things done...this isn't too much to ask is it?! Ha...

My sweet Isabella had her 4 year appointment that came with shots. Ya'll it was one of the hardest yet...holding down your sweet 4 year old who says "please no shots" has to be the worst! I told her right before we got there she might need a few and explained how they were important and we would get ice cream afterwards so that helped but still...ugh insert momma tears too!
She was so sweet and cooperative the whole time and even jumped up on the table for the shots (not knowing it was time for them :( )

Ice cream treats after some tears

He is such a ham!

She requested dinner on the patio...who was I to deny such a sweet request and it was beautiful outside!

Beautiful sunset

Saturday we participated in the National Brain Tumor Society 5k in memory of our sweet Papaw. It was such a great event and we can't wait to partipicate again next year. Marsha made our shirts and I made the little ones cute little star shirts to match...Joe's Texas Stars

Sweet cousins

Signs of a great day!

Sunday we got to dedicate Cayson at church...more pics coming on that:)

happy Monday!

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