Toddler sleep favorites

Sleep has evaded us since November 3, 2012 when our precious first born arrived. Our sweet Isabella has honestly in her defense been a relatively great sleeper, she slept through the night at about 9 weeks and besides a little 4 month regression kept on sleeping. That is until she hit 3 and decided she was too cool for naps and that anytime between 5 and 6 am was an approved wake up time:) Therefore, welcome this incredible clock and sleep again. I had a sweet friend warn me that the early rising would turn into middle of the night rising and she was 100% right. What started as early morning turned into her coming to our room at any hour of the night stating, "I'm awake mommy." After several weeks of this we bought the wake up clock and it has been life changing. Isabella is my rule follower so she stays in bed like its her job until that clock turns green:) She proudly walks in our room saying, "Mommy, my clocked turned green." You can set the time for when it turns green and you can also set a nap time or rest time.  So if you have a little one starting to wake up in the middle of the night, meet your new best friend!

We are also huge fans of noise in the kiddos rooms so they don't wake each other up if/when the other wakes up. They each have a fan in their room and we loved using a sound machine when they were smaller.

Isabella and Cayson both started with night terrors pretty early as well and I found that a night light made a world of difference for them! Isabella has a cute little owl Scentsy that we use as her night light we just don't put any Scentsy candles in it.

We don't use tons of essential oils but I do love to diffuse them! This peace and calming is one of my favorites to diffuse!

Stripe sleeping bag||animal sleeping bag- last but not least these adorable sleeping bags are the best for quick trips to grandparents houses or little naps:) Too precious!

Here's to hoping all moms and dads out their get some sleep!

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