Weekly bumpdates -6-15 weeks

So the time has come for the weekly bumpdates....I have to keep up the tradition and not allow this time to pass too quickly without documenting like I have the last! Knowing this is my last pregnancy and baby has me feeling all the feels! I'm already feeling little flutters and it is my most favorite thing. This post will be brief without all the details since there are almost 10 weeks of photos but don't worry I have documented them for sweet baby to have:) I am almost always 5 days late taking my weekly photo but my belly is most definitely way bigger, faster this time around. It's like they say muscle memory and its real! 
The kids were SO precious when we told them we were pregnant. Cayson doesn't fully understand but Isabella, oh my heart! She is SO excited, she has been asking and praying for a baby sister for over a year! She is going to be precious when sister arrives!
6 weeks feeling all the feels

The brief story

I debated how much of the story to share but this is my journal and how I best document so here is the brief version. I was bleeding, for 16 weeks straight so there was so much worry and tons and tons of praying going on over the last few months! I had a large subchorionic hemorrhage and hematoma that had me on my knees begging God for this sweet baby! My closest friends and family joined me in fervent pray over the first several months. After a loss in May this was really tough to walk through but at the same time I had this huge peace. I knew God had another baby, a girl to be exact for our family. I had a dream over a year ago that we had another little girl and I have had similar dreams before all my previous pregnancies, I felt like it was God's hope and His promise to us as a family. My bleeding finally stopped at 14 weeks, praise the Lord! I saw my OB weekly and she was absolutely amazing...have I mentioned how much I adore my OB, I believe I have, but she is AMAZING! I cannot imagine going through pregnancies, deliveries etc without her!

This pregnancy was the sweetest and biggest blessing. TMI but I thought I was on my period for weeks and weeks but finally started having severe nausea every evening that I blamed on sinus stuff for two nights, but then my boobs ached like crazy when jumping on the trampoline with the kiddos. I called my husband on his way home from work and told him I needed him to grab a pregnancy test, I know I'm crazy since I was bleeding for weeks but I had this feeling I needed to check. And sure enough, it was positive, over 3+ weeks positive! I got into my OB the next day and that's when we discovered the hemorrhage and hematoma! She put me on rest and saw me weekly and encouraged us and told us to be prayerfully optimistic! 

And here I am at 16 weeks, a day doesn't go by that I don't thank God for this sweet precious girl growing in my belly! 

Oh and photo disclaimer-if it appears as though I am looking down it means my sweet Isabella took that particular photo. She's actually pretty decent at it, she loves to take them and she's always available unlike Dennis ha!