Bumpdates 16-19 weeks

Finally a few more bump dates!! That sweet baby and belly are growing and growing right on time. I am measuring almost exactly to the day just like the last two, the weight gain though I can't say the same for;) I'm finally feeling human again, my nausea has lessened and I feel like I can finally function a little better, thank you 19 weeks!! We had our big anatomy scan this week and it is always the most stressful and amazing one for me! Doing what I do for a living I know everything that can go wrong during the early days of pregnancy and know what a blessing seeing our sweet healthy baby on the screen is!! Her stomach never filled during our scan so we will be going back for another ultrasound in 4 weeks and praying in the mean time that her sweet stomach fills and is perfectly formed.

16 weeks

17 weeks

18 weeks

I look a little sick in this photo bc whelp I've been struggling with the world's worst cold for 2 weeks!

The sweetest little profile

Collecting all the pink and girlie things I can get my hands on:)

How far along: 19 weeks

Baby's size: Size of a tomato

Developing this week: Sensory development is exploding this week. Her brain is designating areas of smell, taste, hearing, vision and touch:)

Sleep:  still having some serious insomnia, I don't think I've slept well in months. My bladder wakes me up at least every 2 hours!

Maternity Clothes: A mix but finally busted them out, I decided it was time to be comfy plus I was due for some updated winter clothes so why not buy a few maternity:)

Food cravings: fruit (any and all kinds), decaf coffee (all day, every day), chocolate chip cookies

Food aversions: Nothing specific at all this pregnancy so far. Mexican food isn't my favorite!

Symptoms I have: still some nausea but way, way better; insomnia, some occasional round ligament pain and sciatic nerve pain

Doctor’s Appointment:  Big anatomy scan this week! I have cried through every sonogram as usual! Seeing her sweet little face and fearfully and wonderfully made body is the best! She is crazy active, kicking and flipping around:)

Movement: Tons and tons these days. Sissy got to feel her for the first time. Her face was adorable and priceless, she said, "What's she doing in there," and giggled!

Belly Button: outie all the way-it's been out for over a month, thanks umbilical hernia and split abs

Gender: Sweet girl

Best moment of the week: A good anatomy scan. Sonograms are my favorite. All the sweet movements!

What I’m looking forward to: Our next sonogram in 4 weeks

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