Friday favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

It's Friday and most Fridays that's the best thing to celebrate!! Collected a few of my favorites lately.

1. ezpz Happy Mats: I'm not sure I've shared my love for these mats on here so thought it was time to share. Before Cayson meal times weren't SO messy, ha;) Boys! These mats are made of silicone, NO plastic-my favorite part of course, but are so easy to clean and so fun. They have so many different shapes, sizes and colors here

2. Beds...come January it is officially time to start rearranging beds and rooms at our house. One big kiddo will be getting a queen bed and the other I am now convinced probably a bunk bed so they can sleep in the same room if/when they want/need to! I am 100% swooning over these two playhouse bunk beds and am 75% sure I've convinced the hubs and have him on board. Now to just 100% convince him too! We shopped for Isabella a queen size comforter last week but may be changing plans and taking it back since she would get one of these adorable bunk beds in her room! Her room has always been my favorite;)

3. Nordstrom's 1/2 yearly sale: is officially going on here! I'm swooning over several choices but here are a few favorites!

4. Nest and Ring-over the last 6 months we have purchased both of these items for our house and I cannot recommend them more! I love that they both have apps that we can control from our phones. The ring shows you who comes to your door and rings right to your phone! Love it for knowing when packages arrive, doesn't wake up the kiddos, and is a nice security camera too! The nest allows us to control the temperature in our home right from our phones! So perfect!!

5. Apple Watch..after talking about one for over a year I got an Apple Watch. I am loving it so far. I mostly wanted it to track my heart rate etc while working out:) Love it! Highly recommend one!

Happy Happy Friday and Happy almost New year!


  1. My hubby has been wanting a nest and the ring is intriguing if nothing else it won't wake baby ;). Those bunk beds are to die for. We have bunk beds in our son's room and they get so much use when grandparents come to stay and stay in our daughter's queen bed! Now changing the sheets...I can't wait til my kids can do it themselves (yeah right!). Happy New Year to you!

    1. The ring has been a life changer. UPS, Fedex, and delivery person has used it and it goes straight to our phones and doesn't wake up our kiddos! It's a must have! SO glad you like your bunk beds, I went back and forth for a long time before taking the plunge so I'm hopeful now that we will love it:) I may invest in a Beddys for the top bunk. Have you seen them, they just zip up, looks so much easier! Happy New Year!