Life lately...

Tis the season....I just adore this time of year. So many fun festive things to do: special time with family and friends, cooler weather, lots of hot chocolate, Christmas lights and nights by the fire:)
We had a fabulous week and weekend. We've officially started Advent with the kiddos and they are loving it!
Advent day 3: Milk and cookies

These two get a crazy second wind every night! It's adorable
Birthday party fun for sweet and adore these kiddos and their mommas!

These adorable kiddos following the rules:)
Showing each other all their prizes..shockingly there was zero fighting:)
Saying bye, bye to her sweet BFF Rosie:)

We took the kiddos to Gaylord ICE for the first time. The theme was Santa is coming to town. Isabella loved it and Cayson, well, lets just say his hands got cold and it scared him so he cried about halfway through, eek! Poor buddy...when his hands finally warmed up and smiled really big and said, "Mommy, no hurt!" Aw, sweet boy, he has my heart. Mom fail for letting him touch the ice, oops! It is only 9 degrees inside and even bundled up it is cold!
We grabbed dinner after in the beautiful atrium of the Gaylord, such sweet memories!

Ready for Gaylord Ice!

Before he was freezing and was wearing my gloves!

Picking out their reindeer

These two and their hand holding stage is my favorite!!

Can't wait for more holiday memories!

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