Our Christmas 2016

We had the most incredible Christmas this year. It's so true what they say, having kids on Christmas makes it all that much sweeter. We are trying to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas and every time you ask them why we celebrate Christmas they yell "It's God's birthday." So we are close;) Love these two kiddos so much, they make everything sweeter.

Christmas Eve we headed to mamaw's house to open presents, go to candlelight service and make cookies for Santa. Isabella thought it was so hilarious and thoughtful that Santa saved some cookies for them:) It was too cute. 

This kid, I wish I had videoed him opening every present. He did it with 100% gusto and excitement every time!!

She wanted this SO bad just like brother;)

Oh Shopkins!!
Making Santa's cookies

These little cousins are just the cutest
Missing sweet Laci and Joe who had to stay home sick!

Christmas morning...we opened presents at our house then headed to Mimi and Popi's house

We had custom paintings made of my grandma's house and famous recipe! She was so excited!
Then we finished the night celebrating at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Dallas! 

Such fun, such sweet memories!

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