Toddler Gift Guide

Doll house/Pink coat/Shopkins/Crayon book/Old MacDonald/Tree house/Blue coat

I may be late getting my gift guide lists together but I am not late getting my shopping done...I am in fact, done and done!! I rounded up my kiddos gift lists first. We do the 4 gift guide...Something you want (usually their big Santa gift), Something you need, Something you read, and Something you wear! I haven't quite settled on their need items yet but it will be something pretty easy I hope;) Their stockings are stocked with all things Shopkins (they are obsessed), matchbox cars for Cayson and My Little Ponies for Isabella! I think this year's Christmas will take the cake and be the best yet! Isabella has quite a list going so I'm curious what she will tell Santa she wants tomorrow!

Doll house-This doll house has been on our list for a while. I snatched it last month when they were having a sale! Can't wait to put it together and see Isabella's reaction Christmas morning!
Pink coat//Blue coat-both kiddos coats are from last year and probably won't last us much longer. I'm adoring both of these and sized up so hopefully they will last for next year too:)
Shopkins-Our kids are obsessed with all things Shopkins these days! They ask for one everytime we are at Target!
Crayon book/Old MacDonald-The Day the Crayon Quit was one of my sweet patient's favorite books and I was so excited to snatch it for Isabella and can't wait to read it to her! This Old MacDonald book I thought was perfect for fun and our last name is McDonald, so duh, makes sense!
Tree house/Fold and go Farmhouse-I'm obsessed with this adorable Tree house. I actually snatched the small fold and go Farmhouse already for Cayson but if there is any sibling rivalry over the doll house, this precious Tree house may be making its way into our playroom soon as well!

Are you done shopping? What was on your kiddo's lists?

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