Bumpdates 20-24 weeks

Well hello there 6 months. Where in the world has the time flown? How am I possibly over 6 months along?! And can someone please tell my why they say pregnancy is 9 months it is most definitely 10 months. Someone did their math wrong, haha;) I'm finally feeling human again, at about 22 weeks the nausea finally subsided besides a few days here and there that I equate to growth spurts. I feel like I can function and not be a walking zombie, can I get an amen!! Here's a few quick photo bumpdates!!

How far along: 24 weeks

Baby's size: Size of an ear of corn

Developing this week: Auditory system is rapidly advancing, you can most definitely hear music and when your brother and sister play loudly-you kick and wiggle like crazy. Hair pigmentation is still white. Slowly putting on more fat and weight.

Sleep:  still having some serious insomnia, I don't think I've slept well in 6 months. My bladder wakes me up at least every 2 hours! TMI but I don't flush in the middle of the night so I don't wake up the fam and I can always evaluate how well I slept by how much TP is in the toilet haha!

Maternity Clothes: Still kind of a mix but mostly maternity. Just ordered a few new maternity work out tanks because either my boobs or belly were hanging out of my normal ones;)

Food cravings: fruit (any and all kinds), decaf coffee (all day, every day)-favorite is iced white mochas, chocolate chip cookies, plain milk chocolate, cereal for breakfast, sweet tea, chicken and veggies-so weird since this was an aversion with Isabella.

Food aversions: Nothing specific at all this pregnancy so far. Mexican food is still NOT my favorite-if we go to a Mexican restaurant I still with chips and queso and tortilla soup!

Symptoms I have: some nausea with growth spurts. Some pretty intense back and right lower abdominal pain-improved a little with the chiropractor. 

Doctor’s Appointment:  Last week we had a repeat sonogram to check baby girl's stomach. It looked perfect. Isabella had asked me to see a picture of "sissy on the inside" so I took her with me! It was precious! She was so adorable and so proud. 

Movement: Tons and tons these.  Addilyn feels so much wigglier but that may just be my poor memory. She may beat her sister for wiggliest inutero baby:)

Belly Button: outie all the way-it's been out forever,  thanks umbilical hernia and split abs

Gender: Sweet girl

Best moment of the week: Good sonogram and getting to let Isabella see her sister and hear her heart beat!

What I’m looking forward to:  Getting the nursery started. I am so thankful for every good and healthy day!

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