Friday Favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

Gosh how is is Friday already!! Yipee for a long weekend for me!!
Sharing a few of my favs today!!

1. Dining room chairs-I shared that my hubs built me a new kitchen table in my post here and you can see a little sneak peak. Well a new table means new chairs. I've had my eye on several chairs similar to this style and finally took the plunge Monday while they were on sale with free shipping. I debated between 4 and 6 chairs and when I asked my mom's opinion her response was, "You are about to be a family of 5 so only 6 makes sense." Eek so crazy and SO true! I'm hoping the colors match and hoping my little messy Cayson doesn't make me regret this decision;)


2. Journaling Bible-I've been wanting a journaling bible for probably over a year now. I bought my sis this one with her soon to be new married name on it and decided it was time to buy one for myself as well. I actually went with the coloring bible and if I really enjoy it I will plan to grab the nice leather one:) I grabbed some pens too to help get me started and motivated:)

3. Hunter rain boots- Cayson has officially outgrown his first pair of Hunter boots:( Slow down sweet boy, I have looked forever for a yellow pair and FINALLY found a pair. I grabbed them as fast as I can. I was hoping they'd be here before the weekend rain fest but no such luck, I guess I will squeeze his poor little toys in his cute little red pair one last weekend! I debated and almost grabbed this yellow pair but decided on the plain yellow pair so they would pass down easier to little sister:)

4. Google Wifi extender-no matter what we have done to our home internet it just fails miserably in some parts of our home, some of the most important rooms i.e. the craft room where my Mac is and our bedroom. My tech savvy hubs has done tons of research and finally decided after some other failed attempts that a Google Wifi extender was the way to go and let me tell you it is AMAZING! I'm typing this in the comfort of our room as we speak something that would be painfully slow just last week:) If you have issues, run, grab them! You can get just a single one but for our house he decided 3 was better, more is always better right?!;)

5. New balance for J. Crew- have you seen the new New Balance for J. Crew?! It is TOO good. Neither of my kiddos currently have tennis shoes that fit and I might just have to grab these two pairs below. And this gold pair, I need them right?!

Happy, happy Friday!! We are headed to the lake for the weekend and I believe it is suppose to rain all weekend, wish us luck! Lots of toddlers in one house with possible rain, eek!

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  1. Love those rain boots! Happy Friday!