Baby #3 must haves

Knowing this will likely be my last baby has me having all the feels and also wanting to buy EVERY adorable thing I find! I've done tons of shopping small for this little one and am loving every detail. This is just a few of my favorites and must have essentials. 

Monitor-we thankfully invested in this monitor with our first and though we had to buy a whole new unit last time I am hoping we can get away with just adding a camera onto it this time around. I love that you can put up to 4 cameras on the same monitor and it will scroll through each room. We have loved this monitor, it is touch screen, has incredible night vision, talk back mode and zoom in feature. We literally use it every nap and every night! You can buy the single monitor or just the extra camera. I love that you can buy the double straight away, the single or just add on as needed:)

 Car seat-I was hoping to get away without buying a new car seat this time around but the hubs accidentally mutilated our old one removing it so we had to get a new one. Honestly once  I saw this one and fell in love I wasn't that sad about it;) It's even more beautiful in person. And the Toddler car seat is to die for, I would totally snatch it in a heart beat if I wasn't worried my son would ruin it the first instant he sat in it;)

 Wrap-I used my Ergo carrier and Moby wrap tons with Cayson and I know with chasing around 2 other toddlers wearing sweet Addilyn will be a must so I had to grab this precious Solly Wrap. The color is so precious;)

Swaddle/Name swaddle-Because every baby needs their own new swaddles right? I fell in love with this camel Max + Moose swaddle and had to have it. I am obsessed with our Addilyn name swaddle and will definitely be grabbing these adorable Floral Little Unicorn muslin swaddles

Pacifier-These Natursutten pacifiers were pretty new when I had Cayson and he had alrady fallen in love with his Nuby pacifier so I never tried them but I can't wait to try them with Addilyn. I love that they are made out of natural rubber with no BPA, nitrosamines, PVC, phthalates, chemical softeners or artifical coloring. Umm sign me up, yes please. And this and this adorable pacifier clips, yes!!

Stroller-Hands down probably one of the best purchases we made. It has grown with our family and is a must have if you think you will have more than one child. You start with a single and it becomes a triple. We have the skateboard that my toddlers love and the bassinet piece that is SO perfect for newborns. I can't rave about it enough. It is pricey to start but much cheaper than having to buy a whole new stroller when adding little ones to the family. We also have a single and double Bob that we got at incredible prices and use for outdoors activities or races. 

Diaper bag-With Isabella, I had a beautiful black and cream Petunia Pickle bottom diaper bag and with Cayson I used my big LV with a diaper changing pad similar to this inside. I knew this time around I really wanted a back pack so I could have all arms and shoulders free and I fell in love with this Fawn design bag months and months ago and decided it was the one:) can't wait to use it.

Nursing cover-I have been obsessed with these incredible 360 nursing/car seat/shopping cart covers since they came out. I knew this baby I absolutely had to have one. I took forever to decide on one but since I'm going with lots of floral and pale pink I decided this was the one! These are genius!

Dock a tot-I haven't made the plunge and purchased one yet but I have heard they are all the rave! If Addilyn isn't a great sleeper I just might have to make the purchase. I did decide on an adorable Moses basket with rocking stand this time around in lieu of the pack n play in our room:) Can't wait, hope she loves it!!

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