Bumpdates 25-30 weels

Gosh these aren't my greatest photos but document I have! I cannot believe I am 30 weeks and have hit almost the single digits in weeks left until sweet Addilyn arrives. I am achy and tired most days but savoring and loving every last minute of this pregnancy! Sweet baby kicks (or more like karate kicks) are what I live for!

How far along: 30 weeks

Baby's size: Size of a large cabbage

Developing this week: Weighing in at about 3 pounds. Sweet Addilyn's brain is growing. Bone marrow is taking over and making RBCs. This whole process is an amazing miracle. 

Sleep:  Has still mostly evaded me. Frequent bathroom breaks make sleeping hard. I am still struggling with insomnia that isn't my friend. I will say nights I stay up late I do sleep better but some nights by 8 pm I'm faded ha!

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Ordered a few new cute dresses for my sister's upcoming wedding festivities:) Hope I love them!

Food cravings: Chocolate chip cookies, plain milk chocolate, any and all fruit, baked sweet potatoes, chicken

Food aversions: Still not loving Mexican food. I love me some queso but other than that I could take it or leave it!

Symptoms I have: Horrible, horrible right lower quadrant pain that throbs just standing. Lifting my own leg is SO painful. Occasional days of nausea with reflux have started-bring on the Tums. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good besides being tired;)

Doctor’s Appointment:  I failed my glucose test so had to do the 3 hour last week. Ugh so bad, thankfully I got distracted 1/2 way through having to pick up Isabella from school so it helped me ignore the awful jittery shakes and nausea a little bit! Thankfully I passed. Officially going every 2 weeks:)

Movement: SO much!! My absolute favorite. Pretty active little girl on our hands still:)

Belly Button: outie all the way-it's been out forever,  thanks umbilical hernia and split abs

Gender: Sweet girl

Best moment of the week: Passing my 3 hour glucose test, yay for no gestational diabetes!

What I’m looking forward to: Finishing up the nursery. Hopefully another sonogram soon!

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