Cayson 30 month

Oh my sweet baby Cayson, how are you 2 1/2 years old already. I sound like a broken record but I'm in shock, time has flown way too fast!! You are the sweetest thing, the busiest thing and 1000% boy! I adore  you and all your boyness, ha;)You are wild, you are sweet, you are cuddly, you are so lovable!! 

You are very outgoing but also very timid. If sissy is around you are all over whatever she is doing, you are her biggest fan. You adore her, follow her around and copy everything she does. You guys are so adorable when you play well together but are exhausting when you fight! You are equally sensitive and outgoing. You don't like to get in trouble just like your sister, you hate time outs and quickly come for cuddles. You are always ALL over the place, kicking things down, throwing things, climbing-that 1000% boy part;) You are my biggest cuddler though and I hope it never changes. 

Oh Cayson you are talking SO, SO much all of a sudden. I swear one week you woke up and I couldn't believe it. I understand probably 75% of what you say but you are nonstop talking these days. My favorites right now that I hope to get on video are, "mommy, where are you?"-when I'm usually in my room and you can't find me. "I already did"-when I ask you to do something that you've done already. "Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray"-you always say it five times at bedtime as you wait for me and sissy to hold your hands. You then nod with the cutest over bite as Isabella or I pray!-It's my favorite! "I wuv you""I hold it"-how you negotiate when I say you can't eat candy, you just want to hold it, ha! I  need to get more of your sweet little voice on camera because it changes all too quickly:(

You are a great eater. You LOVE broccoli, any fruit, cheese, milk, and above all else you LOVE tweats. You are my sweets lover. You love chocolate, really any candy you lay your eyes on. You are a snacker like your sister but eat at least 2 really good meals for me. You have to eat before you get your treats and this usually works;) You aren't a huge thing but you have an appetite and will probably be tall and skinny like your daddy was. You drink milk but don't chug it, neither you or your sister ever really have. You love just about anything-coffee, hot tea, juice, chocolate milk, sparkling water-which is the complete opposite of your sister. I let you taste things thinking you would dislike them like your sister but nope!

We are finally getting rewarded for all the sleep you did not do for so long. Over the last 6 months you were not only transitioned to a toddler bed but now to a queen bed. You absolutely love your queen bed and you and sister have jump parties before bed every night. You nap usually 1-3ish and sleep 7:30-8. You can take over an hour to fall asleep some nights but are completely content playing and entertaining yourself until you fall asleep. For bed you have to have 2 Shopkins, your fox and 2 bowties-yep 2 bowties. Who knows, you are currently obsessed with your bowties;) We brush teeth, we read books, we pray, pray, pray, pray, pray and then we tickle your back. You insist sissy and I both tickle your back and must then kiss you on your wips. If we miss you lips and catch a cheek you cry until we appropriately nail it on the lips! It's quite adorable!

You are currently addicted to Shopkins-you ask for them all the time and we have to pray for more every night, ha! You love iPad time and playing games on mommy's phone. You mostly watch Youtube kid videos and are so good at matching games. You love to cuddle, you like to sit in my lap and read books or play on your iPad. You always want to help me cook and will pull up a chair to help me. You love to grab you and sister's vitamins and hand hers out:) You love to climb and jump and throw things. You really are so much boy!! I adore it! You love to get your haircut and I think its because you get a sucker;) You are loving school these days and are so cute carrying in your own backpack and holding sister's hand. 

Potty training:
You are officially potty trained. You were ready probably 6 months months before I finally had the time and took the plunge, but this worked in my favor for sure! You were sick several weeks ago so we were quarantined at home so I decided on a whim to just make it happen! You had zero accidents day 1! Hallelujah! You are still in a pull up for naps and bedtime and most often wake up wet so I think this will take a little longer than your sis did but I'm 100% okay with that! You on occasion ask for a diaper because well I totally understand it's easier and more convenient but I just remind you they are for baby Addilyn so you move on! I'm so proud of you! I get 2 whole months for the first time in 4.5 years with no baby in diapers! Holla!

Weight:  26 lbs 6 oz (17%ile)
Length: 36.5 in (54%ile)
Head:18.8 on (19%ile)

Diapers: Underwear, pull ups for naps/bedtime
Sleep: sleeping usually 10-12 hours, you are officially the best sleeper!
 Nap 2-3 hours from 2-4ish
Clothes size: 2T and 3T
Shoe size: 6-7

New words: SO many!! I understand about 75% of it now:)

Teeth: 18, You got all your 2 year molars last month at the same time, of course!

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