Friday Favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

Hello Friday! Fancy meeting you again, you seem to sneak up faster and faster each week! Here are some of my favorites for this week...

ONE. Yoga mat/Yoga strap-I have been in desperate need of a new yoga mat since I offered mine to the sweet police officer who helped change my flat tire and it got covered in grease! I finally went into Lululemon yesterday and bought the softest, most durable feeling yoga mat! I can't wait to use it! I bought the navy version:) I have had the strap for my old mat and I love it. It's a must when you are carrying in a yoga mat and two toddlers to the gym:)

Yoga strap

TWO. Quilt/Euro sham-I have been lusting over this quilt and shams for what feels like years...we were in literally desperate need for a new one and I FINALLY took the plunge and purchased them yesterday!! I literally cannot wait for them to arrive!! Momma is so excited. Our room has needed a little face lift:)

THREE. Eye concealer-Pregnancy insomnia is SO real. It's so rough on me and after bragging that I don't usually have to deal with bags under my eyes (yep, that's what I get) I have the worst bags under my eyes for the first time in my life. Two newborns didn't do it but apparently 2 toddlers and pregnancy insomnia did me in. I am loving this instant age rewind. I plan to try some Rodan + Fields eye cream after baby arrives (I'm weird about products while I'm pregnant, though I am sure they are perfectly safe). I'll update you on the progress of those once I use it! People swear by it!

Eye concealer

FOUR. Support hose-call me an old lady but my OB finally forced me to buy some after I had severe aching and swelling in my legs after an 8 hour surgery day and you guys my life has been changed! I'm a believer! My legs Wednesday after about the same time in the OR didn't hurt near as bad and I had zero swelling, can I get an amen. I know they aren't sexy but neither are spider veins so give me all the support hose ha!

FIVE. Third trimester...we are officially there people! I cannot believe it! I honestly need the next 12ish weeks to slow down a tad! I cannot wait to meet sweet Addilyn but there is still SO much to do. Her nursery is not even close to being finished and neither is our car and car seat rearrangement situation! I better get on it, I guess!! Also this Letter Folk Co sign is a favorite, if you don't have one fun!

Happy Friday friends!


  1. Another Age Rewind lover here! It definitely helped me look alive during the early days of 4 under 4. Who am I kidding, it's still the only reason I look alive some days.

    1. Aw yay! It's the best!! And 4 under 4, you are a rockstar:)

  2. What a beautiful quilt and yay for the final trimester :) xoxo Erin

  3. Yay for your final trimester! One toddler and pregnancy did me in. I can't imagine TWO toddlers and pregnancy. But you're doing great little mama. Hang in there (:

    1. Pregnancy and trying to be a functioning mom is tough! Thanks so much! In the final stretch:)