Life lately...

I'm slacking in my blogging these days. I have tons of ideas in my head but little energy to complete it ha! I've hit the swings between nesting and exhaustion:) I go full speed ahead then feel the pain later;) We hosted 3 different dinner dates/parties this weekend and I was thankful for the day to rest today!! I wore myself out last week with 3 busy, long, on my feet too long days at work so was so incredibly thankful for this weekend to catch up and put my feet up a little!
We finished potty training using a sticker chart since this smart boy starting peeing on command for M&Ms, ha! Isabella got a behavior chart because of course she needed one and they both rocked them! PS she picks out 99% of her outfits these days...she is her mother's child!

Festive lunches, of course!

Girl's dinner with some of my favorites and Ida Claire:)

These two are SO precious when they play so well together! Met several friends at the Coop on Friday per Isabella's request:)

Hot tub fun with her BF Derek

Day date for manicures and Target runs with my biggest love after gymnastics on Saturday!

I adore one on one time with my littles!

Thanks to You tube videos I was able to get some cleaning done without helpers;)
These cute kiddos ready for some hot tubbing!

Game day brisket went on the Green Egg
Ready, Set, Eat!

Super bowl LI
Incredible game, great half time, great food, great friends!

Ready to take on the week! Having Monday off is my favorite! Back to work manana:(


  1. Girl, I'm not even pregnant and life with two kids keeps me from my little corner of the internet. So thankful to be back and can't wait to see how much your littles are growing. What happened to the babies?!!!

    1. It's so tough to carve out time isn't it! Trying to stay on top of it:) I can't believe how fast it all goes either!