Friday Favorites

It's Friday which means I'm sharing my favorites and linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

ONE. Oh my goodness the Emily and Merritt collection for Pottery Barn Teen is SO incredibly amazing!! I literally want all of it for my girls or hmm myself. This toiletry case is so perfect, I want one!! The bunny ear pencil holder is to precious, don't know what I need it for but I need it:) And I know it's premature but our kiddos all have their own suitcase, back pack and sleeping bag or this one and these are just too cute for sweet Addilyn!! And this bow chair OMG!! Don't know where I need it but its amazing!

TWO. These Lululemon leggings. I think I will be snatching a pair as soon as this sweet baby is born!!

THREE. I finally got the gold iPhone 7 plus and cannot wait to try out the portrait mode (the main reason I had to have it)!!!! They were having a great deal on their iPad mini when you get a new phone so we also got Isabella a new iPad mini since her iPad has had a huge crack and is so slow, I think it literally is almost an original;) She picked out a butterfly case she can't wait to get:)

FOUR.  My littlest sis is officially getting married this next weekend and I've tried to finalize all our families, adding another one into the mix is going to make coordinating even harder;) I'm going to be almost 33 weeks pregnant but hoping my beautiful bridesmaids dress will help this little bump and all the lumps;)
Shared the kiddos accessories earlier this week but thought I would share again:)
Bow tie/suspenders-here and here
Gold shoes-Joyfolie

FIVE.  I'm one proud momma. My sweet Isabella won an award this week and this hormonal momma definitely shed some tears! I'm so proud, she truly has been an incredible kid, she's my rule follower and pretty obedient for a 4 year old and my heart may have skipped a beat to know she is the same way at school:)

Happy Friday friends!!

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