Life lately

We've been crazy around here, my third trimester all too quickly snuck up and I'm feeling the pressure of getting all the rooms and house in order before sweet Addilyn makes her debut. Some days I have great energy and motivation and others I have to rally to get anything done;) My two little munchkins are keeping me busy and I swear get cuter and more entertaining by the day. I just adore conversations and days with them!!
Rainy days and puddles are their jam

We rearranged car seats so these two are next to each other now and moments like these make me wonder why I waited so long to do it!! They truly are the cutest BFFs. 

I'm SO pregnant!! Tee-Hello Apparel here
I make Mamas heart full tees-Tink and Key
This girl truly has the sweetest, most tender spirit. She just gets more and more precious and mature by the day!

Finalizing flower girl and ring bearer outfits and accessories for my sis Hannah's wedding. T-10 days
Bow tie/suspenders-here and here
Gold shoes-Joyfolie

We had a last minute late night hot tube party with some friends over the weekend so these two passed out on the way to Mila's birthday party!

My sister did an adorable job with Mila's 1st birthday party

This boy is seriously OBSESSED with dogs! 
The most precious birthday girl! Happy 1st birthday little Mila!

Happy Wednesday!

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