Life lately

It's no secret I love all things holidays. I love to decorate for them, have fun things for the kiddos to do for them and dress them up for them! My kids were so green for St Patrick's day and I wore zero green, haha, too busy worrying about the kiddos

Making festive cupcakes

We had multiple birthday parties this weekend...the usual. The kiddos love them and it's so fun to get to celebrate with friends and family. Colton's basketball themed party was so precious!

PiƱata time, they were SO cute!!

The weather has been beautiful and we have spent as much time outside as possible

Even enjoying the hot tub and pool:)

Thank you Target $1 spot for all the fun crafts!

I had to take two toddlers to my OB appt this week. They did as good as expected;)

Girl's dinner night to celebrate sweet Addilyn!! So thankful for these girls and their friendship! 


HG Sply Co for my boss' going away! He truly was the best!

Life is flashing at the speed of light. Count down to sweet Addilyn is officially here!

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