Addilyn Jo's "Birth"day

Oh sweet Addilyn. We could not be more smitten, your "birth" day could not have been more perfect!! You made quite the grand debut! At my 37 week appointment on Thursday I was 4.5 cm and 70% effaced. Dr. T said I was a ticking time bomb and said tick tock as she went out of the room. She was not on call so she told me to ideally wait until Monday morning for your arrival. I was praying and hoping to make it through Sunday afternoon. For the last month I have told people my prayer and goal was to get through Easter celebrations and service one last time with your siblings before your arrival. I'm not going to lie but you and your siblings listen to a tee! Your arrival could not have been more bittersweet. I was truly hoping for your arrival Sunday night and you did not disappoint. Over the last several weeks there were several nights that I counted contractions and more over the last week. On Sunday when we got to church I was timing contractions, they were every 5 minutes and lasted at least a minute. This occurred multiple times over the last several weeks so I didn't think too much of it. We decided to head to brunch and between entertaining toddlers and multiple bathroom breaks for each of us I didn't keep up with contractions. We headed home and I franticly tried to get our lives into order-laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, assured our bags were packed then decided to lay down to rest for a few minutes while Cayson finished his nap. About 20 minutes into my rest time, I was awoken to some more intense contractions that were accompanied by some nausea. I told Dennis to alert his mom and maybe have her head over. He asked me no more than 100 times if I was sure this was it. I told him I didn't think I could be 100% sure unless my water broke or she was here ha!  Marsha headed over and we headed to the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital at 4:28, I was 4.5-5 cm and 80% effaced. 
My incredible OB was not on call and was hosting an Easter party so texted me to not have my baby until Monday but Addilyn had her own plans. I labored for quite a while and even debated not having my water broken and even briefly contemplated going home for a bit so my OB could deliver her in the morning but by about 6:30 the contractions were more intense and the thought of going home sounded not smart (so thankful we didn't decide to go anywhere or I could have had a car or house baby;)) 

At 8:15 Dr. R broke my water. I had really wanted to try an all natural birth but wasn't going in saying that was my only intention. My goal was to see how far I could mentally go and if I felt like I could do it, I would. Dennis thought I should just get the epidural after she broke my water, so I would be comfortable but it was something I really wanted. Last time after Dr. T broke my water things went relatively fast after that. My contractions picked up pretty intensely after she broke my water, like had to stop talking and close my eyes through each one (I'm a silent pain sufferer). I told the nurse if I did all natural I did not want to scream, that was my only goal ha! The nurse planned to recheck me at 9:15 and I told my family I'd see how far I had progressed and make a decision on the epidural then. At 9:15 I was at 7 cm and 90% effaced. After the nurse checked me the contractions became almost unbearable, I definitely had to breath intensely through each one.  Like those breaths they teach you in Lamaze classes ha! The nurse began setting up the room for delivery and called the doctor to come in.  I decided at that point, around 9:25ish,  I would try some IV pain medicine to see if it would relieve some discomfort and then I would debate the epidural. By 9:30 I was wishing I had an epidural-that's only 5 minutes later, and still no pain medicine so the poor nurse went to get medicine then the anesthesiologist. At about 9:38 ish or so I begin to shake uncontrollably and felt like I needed to throw up. I told my mom something was happening, I can't begin to describe the pain and discomfort, it was kind of like my whole body was in pain and shock. My mom checked and said she didn't see Addilyn, ha. About 5 minutes later I remember looking at my mom and telling her she needed to get someone in there, like now. My mom checked for Addilyn again and whelp there she was, ready to meet her family. My sister in law and Hannah ran to the hallway to grab my nurse. Our sweet nurse who we discovered knew so many people in our lives through different ways said calmly, "We need help in room 7," and that simple statement sent 4 nurses rushing in. The sweetest nurse Emma was the only thing I remember from that last 20 minutes, she was the one encouraging me to push and at 9:55 sweet Addilyn arrived more perfect than I could have imagined. I'm tearing up as I type this. The Lord knew I wanted a natural delivery and He gave it to me without me getting the final choice, Addilyn arrived safe and after Easter:), and she was by far my smallest baby something I secretly hoped and prayed for. Since she was my last baby I wanted a smaller one that would stay smaller longer-strange maybe, but I wanted that:) The Lord is SO, SO good. Addilyn was severely bruised in the face from the fast delivery but was otherwise healthy as could be. The nurses were even able to act fast enough to remove the umbilical cord that had wrapped around her neck! I am forever grateful and indebted to those nurses.

Here are the photos of our sweet Addilyn's grand debut! Thank you sweet sis for capturing! 

She looks too grown up

Checking out where sister would be soon

One of my favorites...her sweet hand!

My sweet momma, she is the only reason I made it through natural labor...she paused with me through each contraction and massaged my feet at the end and also discovered Addilyn was arriving!

She took longer than I was comfortable with to cry but the nurses assured me every time I asked that she was okay, their faces were calm so I knew they believed it

Still having to deliver the placenta, ugh!

Her sweet face!

The sweetest sign my sis Hannah made

Addilyn Jo

9:55 pm
7 lbs 4 oz
19.5 in

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