Bumpdates 31-36 weeks

Not going to lie there have been several moments lately that I have thought labor was near. Several nights that I have counted contractions. I am trying to slow down, my goal was to make it to 38 weeks and after Easter but my OB isn't too hopeful that will happen at this point but we will see. This last 2 months have flown by. I've hit the uncomfortable, can't eat much stage for sure. I am loving all Addilyn's sweet movement, she is a wild one! Reminds me a lot of Isabella. She also gets the hiccups A LOT!! Praying that doesn't= reflux like her siblings. I wish it meant a lot of hair but with my kiddos I doubt that is in her future....we make bald, big babies;)

Sweet profile, she is so far down this was the best look at her face we could get
She was also so wiggly it was hard to capture anything;)

36 week appt

 How far along: 36 weeks

Baby's size: Measuring about 6 lbs 5 oz on sono

Developing this week: Packing on the pounds, lanugo is shedding and your are swallowing (we got to see you practice sucking on the sonogram:))

Sleep:  Not well at all these days though I have had a few nights of good 3 hours stretches that have been life changing:)

Maternity Clothes: Yes, this week even those feel as though they are getting tighter and tighter;)

Food cravings: chocolate chip cookies, other than that I don't have much room so I've begun the frequent snacking phase

Food aversions: hard to have big meals but other than that no huge aversions

Symptoms I have: lots and lots and lots of Braxton hicks....like so many I feel like I'm constantly in a state of labor. They have been pretty painful, like severe period cramps. It means things are happening though and for that I am thankful!

Doctor’s Appointment:  Yesterday..it was a favorite. Sonogram and we are officially 3 cm and 80% effaced....the countdown is on

Movement: SO much, I have some of the craziest videos of all her movement this last week. Big movements all the time:)

Belly Button: outie all the way-it's been out forever,  thanks umbilical hernia and split abs

Gender: Sweet girl

Best moment of the week: Our sonogram and hearing that the clock is ticking...my OB said "tick tock, tick tock" as she closed the door this week:)

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting your sweet face!

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