Car seat puzzle

Several months ago we started the puzzle of trying to figure out how to fit 3 car seats in my car across the back seat. We purchased a bigger SUV this past summer in hopes that we would have a 3rd baby being added to our family at some point but hadn't begun the car seat puzzle that has recently ensued. Trying to get 3 car seats across one row of seats is nearly impossible without some sort of macgyvering and puzzle solving.  While my car has a third row I was hoping to get all 3 kiddos in the same row at least for awhile until Isabella can buckle and unbuckle her own car seat (She can currently buckle herself in and unbuckle the top but the dang bottom is just so hard) and I was also hoping to have Isabella next to Addilyn in case she hates car rides as much as Cayson and she could be my soother and pacifier retriever; )

I think after tons of research we have settled on our car seat configuration. Here is a list of all the car seats I researched, measured and looked at. 

Here are our current 3 car seats and the additional two we have added to our car seat collection for the hubs new car coming this summer as well as the car seats we had chosen for my mom's car! Oh so many car seats!!

My 3 car seats:

Car configuration-its the tightest squeeze but it works and they are all secure

Other car seats we either have or considered:
 Britax Pinnacle
Love this Britax Pinnacle but we ended up going with the Pioneer because the top of this was too wide for our fit

They no longer make this model but it is Isabella's extra car seat we have in my husband's car. I have loved it. It has been replaced with the Britax Marathon completely

Britax Roundabout
This is a great, cheaper extra car seat option that is super safe. This is the extra car seat we have for Cayson in my mom's and husband's car. Isabella's has the Britax Pioneer in my mom's car!

We are huge fans of Britax because of their safety ratings but all the research I have done shows great safety ratings for Maxi Cosi and Diono. The Maxi Cosi infant seat was the perfect width to fit in my car and I am absolutely in love. Diono car seats are know for their slim fit and are made to help fit multiple car seats in a row. I have several friends that have one and love them!!

This car seat, I mean, beautiful, right?!

The car seat shopping experience was a tough one! If you have any questions let me know. It felt like one big puzzle but I was SO excited when we found 3 that worked!

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