Friday favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

Goodness gracias its FriYay! I made it, my goal has been to stay pregnant through this weekend and I'm so excited to have made it to Friday:) Linking up and sharing a few of my favorites.

ONE. Rug-Addilyn's room is finally coming together! Her rug arrived this week and it is the prettiest, softest thing I've ever seen. I've had the hardest time finishing the final details of her room and I'm thankful to see it finally coming together. 


TWO. Unicorns & Flamingos-I've said more than once they I'm currently slightly obsessed with unicorns, flamingos and swans these days..trying to finish up Addilyn's room and stumbled upon these beauties. Need to decide which ones we must have:)

THREE. Unicorn Lunch bag. Speaking of unicorns, is the lunch box not just the cutest. I've been looking into a cute one for Addilyn's bottles for when I go back to work and love this one. I'm already the dreading the thought of pumping and working but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I minds well make it cute right?!;) I ordered a new Medela pump and style through my insurance, I'm so excited this time to have one that can stay at work and one at home! Yes, please. My kiddos have notorously been the pickiest bottle takers on the planet so I'm already doing my research. Hoping Addilyn will like the glass Joovy boob I already have from Cayson but if not I'm loving the Life factory bottles than can transition to her sippy cups I use for Cayson and Isabella or my sister loved the Comotomo-as long as they aren't plastic I'm willing to try anything:) I'll do a full post once that time comes.


Four. Easter baskets: -I officially have the kiddo's Easter baskets complete just in case. We may go ahead and do them tomorrow morning to play it safe:) Can't wait for them to see them. We have also made sure and continued to teach our kids the real reason behind Easter and have loved hearing Isabella tell me, "Mommy did you know Jesus died for us."-be still my momma heart!!

FIVE. It's GOOD Friday! Not sure what could be better than that!

Pray you have a blessed Easter weekend and I'm praying maybe a precious little lady will decide to join us Sunday afternoon:)

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