Life lately

So my blog went array last week so I'm playing catch up and have some posts pending here and there. I thought I might lose all my posts and there were a few days I was panicked. Thank goodness for google support and some switching around and all is well. But to just get back into the swing of it I thought I would share a quick glimpse of our weekend and life lately. 

The kids request sleep overs quite regularly and I usually say no. They have spent the night in Isabella's bunks several times now but this time they wanted to sleep in Cayson's bed and I finally said yes. It took a while for them to fall asleep but once they did it was adorable. I don't sleep anymore so I caught glimpses all night long (almost every hour-thanks to frequent bathroom breaks) and they were cuddling almost every time! Be still my heart!
They have asked to do this for every nap and bedtime now so I had to tell them this was only a special Friday night thing;)
I finally was off Friday after a very long week and we celebrated with lunch at the Frisco Rail Yards. The kiddos loved it and even daddy got to join!

She thought her grilled cheese was quite entertaining! 

This was perfect for my messy boy!
We celebrated 6 years this weekend and being 36 weeks pregnant nothing really sounded exciting. We threw out Staycations, nice dinner, Top golf, bowling, movies....but we finally just settled on a night in and watched "The Passengers." The hubs made the dinner above, it was as delicious as it looked and we loved the movie. All in all a very successful, relaxing anniversary! And he is a great gift giver...he always remembers the things I have mentioned that I love and it is so sweet and special!

My card for him and what he brought me in bed our anniversary morning;)

On our actual anniversary we helped mamaw unpack some and Isabella and I then headed to the cutest little birthday party! I cannot believe adorable Grey is 4, that our girls are four!! Where did the time go?
The cutest BFFs!

Decorating aprons! Her little lips:)

My little artist, loved this!

Learning to decorate cookies!

Opening her prize with a spatula...this was so cute!

All the adorable girls!

Her adorable party favor!! 

And that's a wrap! Fun filled, busy weekend, just how we like them;)

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