Isabella 4.5 years

Oh my sweet, sweet Isabella!! I feel like I blinked and you woke up no longer a toddler but a big girl. Maybe it's having a baby around but you have very little baby/toddler left in you. I see very small glimpses of my baby girl every once in a while, my momma heart needs you to slow down. You prayed for a sister for over a year before your little sister was even in my belly and you have become the sweetest, most precious big sister I have ever seen! You have exceeded any and all expectation I had for you as a big sister. You are tender, you are sweet and you are my huge helper. You are wise beyond your years.

You seriously are so precious and sweet. You are truly the best kiddo. You follow the rules, hate to get in trouble and really, really listen. You have your attitude moments that can be big but they are few and far between-it gives me glimpses of your teenage years;) Like I said you are the best big sister-even the teachers at your school comment on how precious you are with Cayson and what a sweet big sister and protector you are for him.  

When Addilyn cries you will get all of your musical instruments (guitar, Elsa microphone, drum, etc) and play her a song and it usually works ha! You are so precious I cannot even begin to tell you how adorable you are. You sing her "Addi Winnie Addie Winnie don't cry. You are the best baby in the world"

You are a pretty good eater, you can still be pretty picky but eat a pretty good diet. You aren't a fan of casseroles (neither is your dad) so sometimes it's a challenge to get you to taste them. You would eat cereal every single morning if I let you:) You love all fruit, meat, and turkey sandwiches. 

You are in love with your brother and sister. You are so great with both of them. You and Cayson play so well together now-with the obvious fighting as well. You love your baby dolls and take "Cindy" with you most places. 

You still love to paint, play play doh and color everyday. You love to write sweet letters and ask me to mail them to your friends. You love to drive your Elsa car and ride your bike, we spend most afternoons outside. 

You are seriously such a great sleeper. You are easy to go down, stay in bed until your clock turns green and take a good rest time every day. 


Isabella yelling as her boyfriend Derek left our house " Bye Derek, I love you, my heart is full"

"When do I get to see Logan again mommy? Remember when I saw her at mama Irene's and she didn't know me but now she knows me and is my friend" Me-"Yes and now you know her and she's your friend" I-
"Yes, she is mommy because my heart got bigger and bigger. But ants make my heart smaller and smaller because I don't like them"

"Mommy, I'm praying to God." Me-"Oh what are you praying for" I-"He died for us mommy. Did you hear me singing to Him?"-ugh momma tears

"When your baby is born and it is itty tiny I want to hold her all the times"

You had to get another stye removed and did so well. 

SO proud, you loved getting to see Addi in my belly

You were recognized at your school for being a good friend and listener-momma was so proud!

You got to be a flower girl for aunt Hannah and loved it

Height: 40 inches 
Weight: 33 lbs

My Isabella, we adore you!!

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