One month-Addilyn

Oh my sweet Addilyn, Addi Jo, Addi Winnie (as Isabella sings to you), you are loved and adored far more than you will ever know. I knew I needed you but didn't realize quite how much my heart and your family needed you! You are the perfect caboose to our little family of 5. Your siblings absolutely adore you and you are so easy going and let them hug on you, hold you and kiss all over you. You have the sweetest personality and truly go with the flow. You have been the biggest blessing.

Your entrance into the world was so fast that you had some pretty significant bruising on your face. The bruising caused you to be pretty jaundice so we did bilirubin lights at home for 3 days. I am thankful the pediatrician let us do it at home and din't make us go into the hospital to do it. You slept great in the lights and I have a new appreciation for parents who have to deal with equipment and doctors visits. Between bilirubin lights, blood draws, doctors appointment our first two weeks at home were busy, busy, busy.

The helix or outer rims of your ears didn't fully develop into the normal shape so you had to wear some funky ear wells for 2 weeks and we are now taping them. You did great with them, they were cumbersome but not painful!! Your ears already look so much better:) I think you will appreciate it when you are a teenager! SO thankful to work for the doctors who invented the ear wells and for experts that put them on:)

You have by far been our busiest medical baby though all very small things which I am so thankful for but nonetheless you have kept us busy. You have very severe reflux with some laryngomalacia causing us some very sleepless nights worried about you. You will make an awful sound like you are trying to catch your breath when you reflux. We have officially started Zantac and it seems to be helping some, crossing our fingers it makes it all better so we don't have to visit an ENT. Even with all of this you are the sweetest, most content baby. You will cry when you reflux but then quickly settle, thank goodness.

We aren't sleeping great. You still like to nurse every 2-3 hours. You have given me the occasional 4 hour stretch but its often followed by every hour feedings. We have you sleeping on an incline to help with your reflux. You are loving the pacifier most of the time and I am thankful for that. It helps with reflux so I will keep encouraging it:)

You prefer and love to be held...and I will not complain. I am soaking in and savoring every minute with you. You are gaining weight better than your siblings did. You are already up to 8 lbs and I may have cried. I need you to slow down....

You are our last baby and I am wanting to slow down every moment and really enjoy each step.

We are truly blessed by you our little Addi Jo!! We love you!!

First bath

First tummy time

Ear wells

Jaundice recheck

Baby dedication
Bath time

one month appt

Weight:  8 lbs 2 oz (16 %ile)
Length:  20.75 in (28 %ile)
Head: 14.25 in (36%ile)

Diapers: Newborn
Longest stretch of sleep: 4 hrs 3 min
Clothes size: NBN
Shoe size: Newborn

1sts: bath, tummy time

Milestones: tummy time, regained birth weight

Shots today: Hep B

Happy 1 month sweet girl!

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