Life lately...Hideaway Ranch

This past weekend we embarked on our first road trip as a family of 5. We headed to Hideaway Ranch with my family near Glen Rose. Our kiddos were champions there and back and sweet Addilyn has decided she will sleep 8 hours at night so I would call this all winning:) When we first arrived at the cabins we kind of laughed.  It was more rustic than we had planned on for all our little ones, plus my niece was bitten by a Copper head snake the weekend before and had spent the last week in the hospital and didn't get to make it so we were all on high alert, but we honestly ended up having the best time. It was relaxing, no running around, just family, games, outdoors, good food and the kids loved just playing with rocks and swimming. There were cows and horses roaming freely, the kids loved that and we didn't see any snakes, yay!

And OUT!! Winning!

We stopped on the square in Granbury for was SO hot!

These two loved exploring

Cayson teaching Mila the important things in life, like how to pee in the grass

Addilyn "talking" to aunt Hannah:)

This bug loving boy was in heaven!

We celebrated my thats a lot of candles:)

Frisbee time

Rocks=hours of entertainment

I have looked forward to our annual summer vacations since I was the little one playing with cousins.  I'm so thankful our little ones are getting to carry on the tradition. 
I already can't wait for next year!

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