To have and to hold

My sweet parents celebrated 40 years together at the end of May. My sisters and I decided to surprise them with a vow renewal ceremony for their anniversary. It took us about two months to iron down all the details. We rented out the cutest barn, had their long standing pastor officiate their ceremony and some of their sweetest friends sing some praise and worship. It was a very sweet, intimate and special service. I was in charge of the appetizers and cake. I went with a cheese and cracker table and a simple white cake I ordered from Deja Cakes. It all turned out perfectly. I thought we were going to be rushing to the hospital to stitch up our son's lip right before-thanks to blood EVERYWHERE my comforter got a wash, and Isabella and Cayson got new outfits and it was sheer chaos trying to leave. His lip really needed a stitch so will have a little scar, thankfully he's a boy and chicks dig scars right;)?! My sisters and I had so much fun doing some crafting and thanks to my incredible carpenter husband we had a beautiful wood sign as well! Can't wait to see the photos my brother in law captured and my goal is to put the video I captured into a cool slideshow video. We'll see if I get motivated and find time:)

Sweet cousins

My little family

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