friday favorites

Linking up with Shea over at Mix and Match Momma, Erika, and Narci today to share my Friday favorites.

ONE. Tennis shoes. I've been saying forever that I needed new tennis shoes and I finally took the plunge and ordered this pair. Both pairs I liked from the Nordstrom's sale sold out in my size before I could grab them! Hoping I love these...I can now take Addilyn to the gym so I am hoping to get back into the routine of working out the mornings I am off work!

TWO. Suitcase . It is time for us to start looking for Addilyn a suitcase and I have fallen in love with this Mark & Graham suitcase. Isabella has requested a new suitcase (she believes hers is too small) and I tried to convince her she wanted it but she still wants this floral Pottery Barn teen one so I'll snatch this one for Addilyn and think I will grab this one for myself while I'm at it:)

THREE. Lion. If you haven't seen this movie you must. It's based on a true story and so good! My momma heart swung through every emotion while watching it!

FOUR. It's Friday! I have officially survived 2 weeks back to work. I am ready for the weekend and time to hug on my babies!! Miss their sweet faces when I am away!

FIVE. Nordstrom's sale. The Nordstrom's anniversary sale is officially open to all customers. Several of my favorites sold out so fast even during early access. A few of my absolute favorites are still available so run while you can! If you don't have any Zella leggings they are a must. I grabbed this purse and can't wait for it to arrive. My full list of favorites from early access last week here.

h e l l o Friday!!!!
Happy weekend friends!

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  1. Happy Friday! Those cute shoes would motivate me to work out! Have a great weekend!