Three months-Addilyn

Our littlest one, our little Addi boo I cannot believe 3 months have already come and gone with you in our lives! You have become the biggest center of attention and everyone's biggest obsession. Your brother and sister constantly want to know where you are and ask for you first thing every morning. We all can't wait to see your sweet smiling face! You are truly a dream baby, you are so easy going, so smiley and the cuddliest thing ever!! We are all smitten and absolutely adore you!


You are by far our best sleeper, Isabella being the close second. Since about 9 weeks of age you will sleep from 8 pm until about 3-4 am. We hit a slight sleep regression my first week back to work and you would want your pacifier or extra nursing session around midnight. You could take or leave the dream feed, it didn't seem to help your sleep so if you fall asleep at 7:30-8 pm I usually let you sleep. Lots of nights I do have to climb the stairs and give you your pacifier back several times but it is not every night. You are usually a good napper but have some cat napping days for sure. For the most part you have a pretty good schedule. You nap from about 9-11, 1-3 then a quick afternoon nap from 5-6 then down for bed around 8.

Short little tummy nap (I only let you sleep on your tummy supervised still)

E A T I N G 

You are still an incredible nursing baby and took to the bottle while I am away so easily. You did not fight or reject the bottle like your brother and sister did. You eat about every 3 hours now and can go about 8 hours at night! Pretty dreamy. You nurse around 3:30- 4 am, 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm! You are seriously pretty consistent unless we throw your schedule off with plans!

A C T I V I T Y / P E R S O N A L I T Y

You are a dream like I've said 100 times. You love to smile and coo anytime someone talks to you! You only fuss when you are ready to sleep and do have a short fussy period most evenings due to said sleepiness. You love to play on your play mat and are far more content and for longer than your siblings ever were! Cayson can be a little aggressive so I can see some fear in your eyes when he approaches sometimes. He doesn't really mean to be he is just SO in love with you, he seriously just can't contain his excitement sometimes!!

Miss Smiley 

First swim

Girl time: Caroline's birthday party

T H R E E 
month photo shoot

They are obsessed 

Weight:  Not sure but guessing around 11.5 lbs
Length:  ...
Head: ...

Diapers: .Size 1
Longest stretch of sleep: 8 hrs 2 min
Clothes size: NBN, 0-3 months
Shoe size: Newborn

1sts: 4th of July, 

Milestones: rolling tummy to side

Shots today: None!

3 months of sweet bliss!!

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