Two months-Addilyn

Oh my little Addi, I knew my heart needed you but never realized just how much! You have completely stolen my heart. I call you my angel baby. You have tough moments, thanks reflux, but for the most part you are a dream. I have held you far too long, smelled your little baby neck and kissed your sweet little cheeks as much as I can. My heart aches that you are my last baby but you also complete my heart. Kind of a weird feeling. Your big ole blue eyes, big oh cheeks, cute little dimple on your right cheek, adorable little leg rolls-I don't want to ever forget them! We haven't shorted either of your siblings names but I find myself calling you little Addi far more than Addilyn, it just fits you!

Well since your are constantly on the go with us your naps are all over the place. I'm hoping to get you on some sort of schedule this next month before I go back to work. You are sleeping dream though in your Solly Wrap. You love to be worn just like your brother. I would not survive without getting to wear you around out and about, it's how we play, it's how we shop, it's how we survive. You are still in our room and I have slowly transitioned you from the Rock n Play to your bassinet. Because of your horrific reflux and laryngomalacia I was very hesitant but now that you aren't eating as frequently at night you have done well. You still wake up around midnight and 4 am to feed. I'll take it though. 


You are the best nurser around. Being a momma of two toddlers quiet, restful nursing sessions are reserved for nap time, middle of the night feedings or when your brother and sister are away. I have been known to wipe a few bottoms while nursing. I mean its all about survival, right?! You are a pro and so go with the flow. You let me know what if I get to active or smash you;) You are still nursing about every 3 hours during the day and will give me 4 hour stretches at night with the occasional 5 hour. I feel like a new woman. Now if we can just get your reflux under control you will be better. We are switching you to Prevacid which I believe will be a game changer.


Your sweet personality is starting to shine. You are beginning to give us tons of smiles. You loved to be talked to and will coo and smile. You are so much more alert and aware of what is around you. You are getting great head control. Because of your reflux we have failed at tummy time but your head control hasn't suffered and your head is still as round as can be:) You prefer to be held upright probably because of your reflux. You love to be rocked, swayed and sung to. Anytime you cry Isabella comes running to sing to you and you almost instantly stop. You are just the sweetest my love!

You don't love the car seat, shocker, neither did your brother or sister. You are either crying or sleeping when in the car. I am SO thankful Isabella is right next to you, she is precious and will retrieve the Paci 100x and sing to you when you cry. She also has been known to yell at you when she has reached the limits of your crying, ha! I can't blame her, it is very unnerving. Isabella gets the biggest smiles out of you.

You love to be outside. During the evening witching hour I often walk and pat you outside. You also love the Paci, sometimes I have to pry your lips open to get it in but it helps you fall asleep and calm down. I am thankful I have forced the Paci on all of you. Best thing ever.

T W O month photo shoot

First ballet recital. You also got to tag along to Beauty and the Beast:)

Weight:  10 lbs 2 oz (14 %ile)
Length:  22 in (20 %ile)
Head: 15 in (37%ile)

Diapers: Newborn, Size 1
Longest stretch of sleep: 6 hrs 31 min
Clothes size: NBN, 0-3 months
Shoe size: Newborn

1sts: swim, playdate, ballet, dance recital

Milestones: rolling tummy to side

Shots today: Dtap, Hib, IPV, Prevnar, Rotateq

Happy 2 months precious girl! We ALL adore you!

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