Dino birthday party

This weekend we celebrated my sweet Cayson's 3rd birthday Dino style. It had to be a stylish Dino party if this momma was going to be in charge. We had it at Play Street Museum in Plano, they have multiple locations in the DFW area and is super cute and fun. I chose the Plano location for its outdoor theme, I can't wait to try their newest "Transportation" themed location in Allen.  After shuddering a bit at the thought of coming up with a dinosaur theme party, I ended up having so much fun finding all the decor. Cayson was absolutely precious and had so much fun celebrating with his friends. He blew out his candles before the song was even over and it was too precious! I just adore our wild, tender hearted boy! 

Thankful for my sweet friend Jayme who snapped this pic of us! Mommas are never in pictures, am I right?!
Isabella has a thing for dresses/skirts with pockets....me too girl, I get it;)

She's out! Thankful she loves to be worn when being on the go for nap time!

This place is adorable!

Incredible cake, exceeded my expectations as usual
Our birthday tradition is a book signed by all their guests. One of my favorite things!
Some of Isabella's favorites
He may have blown them out prematurely but he did so with gusto!

Adorable cousins
It may look like a headshot but I am thankful for my sweet sis who thought to capture this for me:) 

Cayson's gift! Absolutely adorable. Land of Nod never disappoints

Sweet cheeks

The most adorable grandma and grandpa on the planet

PS I'm an Amazon mom with a Pinterest mind;)

Invite ship boxes: Amazon
Invite dinosaur and egg: Amazon
Invite moss: Amazon
Treehouse: Land of Nod
White gift bags: Amazon
Dinosaur party favors: Amazon
Dinosaur egg favors: Amazon
Dinosaur tee: Amazon
3D dinosaur puzzles: Amazon
Leaf plates: Amazon
Wood plates and silverware: Amazon
Wooden silverware: Amazon 
My Dress: Amazon (yep you read that right, 
so amazingly comfortable and cute)
Tropical leaves: Amazon
3D dinosaurs: Amazon 
Cake: Deja Cakes
Mini dinosaurs: Target
RAWR balloons: Amazon
Placements: Caravan Shop-Laminated and cut at Staples

Oh thank you Amazon, how I love thee!! 2 day shipping for this procrastinating momma!

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