life lately

I have SO many blog posts swimming in my head but I'm drowning in being back to work and managing our sweet 3 little babies. When I get home from work my time is consumed by loving on my sweet peas and getting ready for the next day, all while trying not to neglect my sweet hubby! Gosh balance is so hard! we are slowly getting back into the swing of things and life at work feels more normal. We have spent a lot of time in the pool, hello Texas 100 degree weather, and time relaxing and at Target, duh!;) My babies are getting too big too fast and I'm begging time to slow down. We are headed on another short road trip this weekend. Hoping we all survive;) 

Be still my cuddle loving heart!

Of course Cole would practice her cheerleading moves with her;)

Squeaky clean!

We have a roller!! 

We had a short morning just me and Addilyn thanks to my incredible MIL so we ventured to the gym for the first time! Hello return of the my abs and not flab!
Hello Mint Julep at Ida Claire!
This girl crashed two girls nights and was such a dream!!

Package boxes are the best free entertainment!!
Goggles, hahaha!
My church buddy! I will forever cherish these cuddles. I'm already mourning the days my baby wearing is over:(

These sisters might be the cutest thing ever! I thought Isabella was the sweetest and cutest before but watching her be the cutest big sister and momma has made my momma heart grow!

I just can't get enough! I feel SO blessed and honored to be their momma!

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