Back to preschool

Our sweet kiddos headed back to school this week. My momma heart is so thankful I get one more year with my sweet Isabella before she heads off to Kindergarten. I just can't quite deal with the thought of her being that grown up just yet. We opted for just 3 days a week this year since soon they will be going 5 days a week to school/work for basically the rest of their lives after this....insert all the emotions. My two don't lack any excitement or enthusiasm for life, their little social souls were  running around singing "first day of school, first day of school," all morning long. They were so cute running into school and didn't skip a beat. Isabella was most concerned about what our plans were for after sweet little planner has to have a play by play all the time. I was a little nervous about Cayson since he can err on the side of a little shy when we go new places but he walked right in and made himself at home without any hesitation.  Praying they have a wonderful school year, can't wait to see what this season brings!

All the monogram things and teacher gifts

I told Isabella should could pick out a new backpack for Kindergarten but she informed me she didn't need a new one because she LOVES her pink one:) We'll see if that changes later. 

Her poses:) 

Then I actually got to roam Target, Starbucks in hand with a sleeping baby-heavenly!

Looking forward to the occasional one on one time with my littlest Addi as well. A win for all of us:)

Kiddos outfit sources since I got SO many questions on IG and FB about them:

Isabella: dress-Smocked Auctions, shoes-Old navy sold out, similar here
Cayson: shirt- Eliza James, shoes-Nordstrom
Addilyn: Onesie-Gap-sold out, similar here, jellies-Old Navy, sold out, similar here

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