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F I V E 
O N 

ONE. Texas strong. Texas forever. The tragedy in Houston has been gut wrenching and devastating. I would well up with tears overtime I would watch rescue videos or see the people coming together to help each other. We have so many friends and family in Houston and I prayed countless hours for their protection. They were all so lucky and blessed and are safe and their homes protected. I am still praying for all the sweet families who lost loved ones, their homes and are now in the state of recovery. SO thankful for all the little ways we are able to help. Money donations, prayers, sending supplies and I am loving these shirts from Magnolia (100% of proceeds go to Houston recovery efforts).

TWO. Swan Float. Our sweet Addilyn absolutely loves the pool. She is the stark opposite of our other two, especially Cayson, she will sit and relax and just watch her surroundings for quite some time without getting fussy. She will lay and float around the pool for quite some time before getting bored. I saw this swan float and knew she needed it. She absolutely loves it. 

Oh and this bathing suit by Crew and Lu...all the heart eyes

THREE. Copper Pearl 5 in 1 cover. I currently have this floral Milk Snob 5 in 1 cover but have been in desperate need of one more that I could keep in my car. I always seem to wish I had one more so when I found this adorable blush stripe option I had to have it. These covers are genius and I wish they had been around with my other two. The fabric is so breathable and the 360 coverage is so perfect for nursing in public, no accidental boob flashing thanks to swinging and pulling baby arms!

FOUR. Blush everything. Remember that one time I said how much I'm obsessed with blush and gold here. Well I still am, hence the cover above and these new EzPz mats. We are getting so close to the introducing solids phase with Addilyn and I am thinking I absolutely NEED, need obviously, these two mats and the rose gold Beaba of course!

FIVE. Exercise. I am so thankful to finally have time to hit up the gym a couple times a week. Exercise is necessary for my serotonin surge and mind! It might sound crazy but I truly enjoy it. We did sprints in one of our classes this week and my thighs are still feeling the burn! Yasss!! 

Happy Friday my loves!! Yay for a long, holiday weekend!

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